Eudon has always desired to create garments that are long-lasting in both style and endurance that customers can cherish. This is driven by his ambition of cultivating a timeless, staple wardrobe. As a result, we ensure our garments are produced using high-quality fabric and trims with excellent construction techniques.

We additionally strive to improve social and environmental standards of our collections every year and are committed to creating the lowest impact collections we can. Our brand touches the creativity and culture of many people all over the world, from those who grow the fibres used in our fabrics to the people that produce our clothes, to our customers, and all the places in which our clothes end up.


Our manufacturing is taken care of by three independent family-run workshops, who we have built up trusting relationships with over the years, in Lithuania, Bulgaria and China.

Each season we source fabric and trim from around ten suppliers across Italy, France and Korea. We are hands-on in our relationship with our suppliers and are working to increase our understanding of their sustainability credentials.

All our manufacturing suppliers have been visited by our production team and we have developed formal labour standard monitoring. We therefore have assurances that the human rights of everyone in our supply chain are being upheld and protected.


Every season we explore more sustainable fabric options with our suppliers and in 2019 we embarked on a shift to use predominantly natural fibres only. Since then have been working to phase out virgin synthetic fabrics from our clothing, due to concerns regarding plastic and microfibre pollution.

We are moving away from using synthetic fibres in our collections where we can. However, where we do use them we look for recycled fabric options for nylon and polyester. It is challenging to source non-synthetic trim for a brand our size due to industry minimums and cost, but we work with our suppliers every season to understand the more sustainable options available to us.

There are materials that we never use due to their impacts on people, animal welfare, and the environment:

  • Exotic Skins
  • Fur (including Angora)
  • Synthetic fur
  • Virgin Down and Feathers
  • PVC


Our collections are created to have a broad appeal, classic pieces with a modern twist. They are intended to be easily loved, worn for a lifetime, and passed on as garments to cherish.

Caring for your clothes correctly can maintain their quality for longer, extend their lifespan and reduce their environmental impact. The WRAP ‘Valuing our clothes: the cost of UK fashion’ report found that by extending the life of your clothes by nine months, you can reduce their carbon, water, and landfill footprint by up to 30%.

We encourage everyone to look after their clothes, wear them often and care for them well. The Clothes Doctor is a great resource for tips and tutorials about ‘cleaning, protecting, repairing and altering, the way our parents and grandparents did’.


We are very conscious of our customer packaging, considering every aspect of its environmental impact. The shipping boxes we use are made from 75% recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable and compostable due to the sealing tape being made from paper and natural adhesives. The tissue paper your garments come wrapped in is also acid-free.

We have also started to extend our lower-impact packaging search to our internal packaging used between suppliers.


We know that no matter how well we make clothes and support people to use them for as long as possible, there is still the possibility they will end up as waste in the future. While we follow industry innovations around true fashion circularity, we are exploring options for keeping our clothing in use for as long as possible.

One of these steps is our partnership with Rent the runway., which supports the practice of circular fashion with no wastage.

We will update our community as we put other partnerships in place. For now, we encourage you to explore the resources on esources on Love Not Landfill and Love Your Clothes.

Going forward, EUDON CHOI is putting goals in place to ensure that we improve the social and environmental footprint of the collections year after year, looking for better ways to create timeless garments that are considerate of the natural world and the people who bring the collections to life.